Saturday, October 3, 2009

going to senayan city

after 2 weeks, finally my friends and I met and we planned to go to senayan city, but not all of us could go there. so just me, ririn, indi, ega, nabila, nana, tasya, aji, ravta, yuta, darient, taufan, stainley, and enza. first we ate at sushi tei then some of the boys did something funny and made the rest of us laughed loudly. after that we chit chat at oh la la cafe. we made a lotta fun today. love you guys <3

Friday, October 2, 2009

i learned something today

"there is nothing wrong in this world,

there is only a difference of opinion"

nothin' to do

i miss posted in this blog so much. yesterday i thought to prettify but i'll do it later because now i don't have much time. hmm i just stayed at home today. waiting for my parents, went back home from bandung. i got a little bit bored then i don' have any idea to do something then i tooked my pictures. what a embarassed things but i love it.
see the rest in my facebook and here are some pictures..

lovely tweetsyy

hey guys visit my twitter @claraarlita, and here the new face..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

a bad mood day (?)

last day, thursday, is became a very bad mood day. i planned to go to pantai indah kapuk for swimming with my aunt, my cousins and my brother. we would meet at pik at 2 o'clock buuuuuut my brother had to go to the doctor, fitness, and blablabla so he arrived at home at 3.30. wtf ! then i asked my brother to accompany me to 10 dencies. weeeell i was not really the intention to go there but i tried to make me not so bored in that time. arrived there, a liitle bit too lazy to find some clothes. guess what? i found a skirt that i was looking for a long time. wooow i'm very happy. then i bought neklaces, one from 10dencies, and te other from bintaro plaza {some people called it binplaz or bp or (the worst) "bepe"(what?)}. yesterday is not a bad day but it was a boring day. wish today is not as bad as yesterday :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

thank you my boy

"ich will mit dir fur immer"

"du bist mein ein und dur"

"ich will immer bei dir sein"

"ich will dich nicht verlassen"

"ich liebe dich"

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